Event email marketing will allow you to capture the attention of the widest, most relevant network of registrants for your event. Building interest in your conference or trade show will help to engage your attendees to network, build their personal agendas, and engage with exhibitors leading up to, during and following your meeting. Email marketing is a proven strategy to promote your event and drive positive ROI.

Continue reading to learn five tips to use email to drive attendance at your event.

1. Use online email marketing technology to manage contact lists to segment and reach your appropriate audience. Targeted campaigns have a higher likelihood of driving registrations.

2. Segment email lists. Instead of mass-messaging your entire audience with the same promotional materials, select audiences and target them with relevant email content.

3. Brand your emails to align with your event’s website to maintain a cohesive look and feel across owned content.

4. Pre-schedule emails and updates like confirmation or thank you emails to increase registration and audience engagement.
5. Analyze email reports for insights such as open and CTR (click-through rate) to learn the type of content that resonates most with your audience.
6. Follow privacy guidelines by giving your recipients the opportunity to opt out of email communications.

We’ve got one more tip for those who made it through our list: Test, design and redesign, and measure email data to make the most of your outreach. With the right event management software platform and a healthy amount of creativity, you can drive additional event attendance and engagement.