Bravura FLEX™

Your central event console

Bravura FLEX™ gives users the control and flexibility to select event modules, define the parameters of their event and to enable it at the click of a button.

Bravura FLEX™ puts the decision-making power for your next conference or meeting in your hands.

Plus, Bravura FLEX™ is as flexible as you are, letting you enable events on-the-go, pull reports and change event content.

Bravura FLEX™ can reliably meet a broad range of needs for meeting planners. Our adaptable solution flexes to fit unique programming, audience needs and organizations. Users can clone past events to easily replicate processes in the future.

Bravura FLEX™ gives users the foundation they need to create, manage and scale multiple events with options to choose either self-service or concierge service setup with the help of an event specialist. Event planners can select the preferred modules they need to create and launch events with our scalable solution, allowing them to optimize features for events by selecting from our other modules:

Streamline the demands of planning and connect your virtual event attendees through our robust solution:

Flexible Plug-and-Play Modules: Fit your requirements with our versatile, interchangeable modules.

Integrated Suite of Solutions: Our intuitive platform houses all of the planning capabilities you need in one place.

Best-in-Class Implementation Team: Our seamless implementation process and ongoing product support handles the heavy lifting for you.

Bravura FLEX™ provides insights into event performance by offering dashboard metrics and cross-event reporting functionality. Our event specialists can provide training and support, and the Bravura Academy houses knowledge to help you get up and running in no time at all. 

Event planning doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Implementing Bravura FLEX™’s easy-to-use software platform can help you plan engaging, impressive events.


Concierge Services


Enable Multiple Events

Select Modules


Select Service

Assign Users/Roles

Clone Past



Training and

Bravura Academy

Unlimited Admin

Tech Support

Centralized Admin


Select self set-up or
concierge services

Scalable event technology platform

Pay only for what you use

Ongoing learning and support (Bravura Academy)

Integrated Suite of Solutions

Robust reporting features


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