Abstract Management Solution

Bravura Technologies provides event managers the technology they need to gather content with a streamlined Call for Papers process.

Our modern solution enables organizations to manage the entire process, from collecting submissions to publishing final selections into an outline.

Gather, Review and Publish Submissions with Bravura’s Software

Bravura Technologies offers a modern solution to customize the design of your submission form to collect accurate information. Create a custom form, automate messaging and allow prospective speakers to submit abstracts from any device.

After gathering your submissions, teams can identify reviewers and the tracks or topics they’re managing. Stay organized and collaborate with teams by coordinating scoring across multiple stakeholders, offices and time zones. You can assign speaker submissions by topic, grant reviewers portal access to provide feedback and track information in real time.

Final selections can be made by approving or declining submissions before automated email notifications are sent to the author. Once speaker and content selections have been made, you can build an event agenda and open sessions for attendee registration.

Bravura’s solution seamlessly integrates with other tools, making the process efficient for event managers to publish final content selections, create event agendas and connect to other platforms.


Speakers can submit abstracts, posters or presentations

Create committees to review submissions

Create rubrics for

Confirm language

Approve and reject submissions

Build agenda of approved submissions

Bravura SPEAKER Benefits

Data transfers seamlessly
to mobile app

Central place and streamlined process to collect submissions

Robust reporting

Reduced data transfer/errors

Collaborative review of submissions

Manage Call for Papers process

Build event agenda and open sessions for attendee registration

Seamless integration with
other tools

“Your team is TOP NOTCH, I would give service a 10/10”

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