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You may have relied on lines with pre-printed badges and check-in personnel at the entry points of your events. This structure is a thing of the past. Self-service on-site badge printing is a new way to look at the check-in process. Create an interactive experience for people at the entrance and save event management resources for bigger needs. Turn to Bravura Technologies for self-service on-site badge printing.

Custom Event Badges for Events of All Sizes

Name badges are essential for many events, from conferences to trade shows. These badges give your attendees and exhibitors the chance to connect and network within professional spaces. Custom event badges also provide branding opportunities for your organization and your event sponsors.

At Bravura Technologies, we provide the tools you need for a smooth check-in experience.


Bravura KIOSK™

With the touchless kiosk, attendees can scan their unique QR codes received through the Bravura mobile app or a confirmation email. The tablet-based solution finds the registered attendee and prints a badge based on your design. We provide this solution for events with over 300 attendees.

This badge printing kiosk is completely touch-free, and it includes an admin console for editing or reprinting the badges at any given time. You can also brand the kiosks with your company’s logo or a notable sponsor for your event.

Bravura EVENT-GoBox™

For smaller events — 300 people and under — Bravura EVENT-GoBox™ offers an offline printing solution for badge printing at your event. We send your pre-packaged hardware with included software and self-guided setup, so your team can prepare your entry for check-in. Bravura EVENT-GoBox™ is fast and easy to set up and still offers a streamlined check-in experience like Bravura KIOSK™.

The Benefits of On-Site Badge Printing for Events

Bravura provides a modern and innovative way to introduce your attendees to an event. With on-site printing, you can:


Improve attendee experience

As soon as attendees walk through the door of your venue, they make impressions about the event and its creator. With a streamlined check-in experience, attendees will form positive memories from the very beginning and gain more time for the important parts of your conference.

Simplify management

Relying on personnel to tend to your check-in table is expensive and takes resources away from other management processes. Touch-free, self-service kiosks put the check-in responsibilities in the attendees’ hands.

Incorporate branding

With a fast and easy check-in process, you give your attendees a positive experience to associate with your organization. Include your branding on the kiosk to provide brand recognition and highlight generous sponsors.

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On-site badge printing can elevate any event for your attendees and streamline the management experience for your team. When it comes to our event management solutions, our team takes a consultative approach to your needs. While you may be interested in our badge printing, our solution encompasses many other features for creating memorable, engaging events. 

Explore our complete solutions for in-person, hybrid and virtual events today. To learn more about Bravura KIOSK™ or Bravura EVENT-GoBox™, contact us online or request a demo.

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