Attendance Tracking

One of the biggest challenges event managers face is accurately monitoring attendance. Besides gathering the necessary information for credits and certifications, attendance tracking software helps you effectively and efficiently track which sessions, events or exhibitors are most popular. With a comprehensive tracking system in place, planners can measure return on investment (ROI) and gather valuable information for making their next event more successful and engaging.

At Bravura Technologies, we understand the importance of accurate attendance tracking. Our software provides the tools and technology you need to make your event more valuable and meaningful. Discover how our tracking system can benefit your next in-person, hybrid or virtual endeavor.

In-App and Online Event Attendance Tracking Features


Our technology lets you learn how your attendees experience your event without manually gathering information and feedback. You can determine the most valuable sessions, discover which content is the most engaging and efficiently award continuing education credits.

Some of the primary features of our attendance software include:

  • Easy setup: Setting up tracking for each event session is entirely hassle-free. Event managers enter the relevant session or location details and select the best tracking method — using a QR code scan by attendee or staff, kiosk self-check in or RFID scanning. Event managers can also define the evaluation questions for attendees to answer or unique session code for attendees to enter at each session’s conclusion.
  • Attendee-friendly: Attendees confirm their attendance for each session, location or vendor by checking in through the mobile app, scanning a QR code or having their badge scanned by event staff or RFID reader. Optionally, attendees can complete the post-session questionnaire to receive credit. The system generates email confirmations and certifications automatically.
  • Efficient reporting: Event managers can quickly and accurately view a list of the attendees for each session, location or vendor in real time. Users can generate and export reports to a spreadsheet, eliminating written sign-up sheets and manually inputting the data.

Event Attendance Tracking System Benefits

Some of the benefits you’ll experience by accurately and efficiently tracking attendance at your event include:

  • Return on investment (ROI): Measuring audience attendance will help you better understand your return on investment. Knowing the actual attendance will give you more information for making event decisions down the road.


  • Marketing effectiveness: Superior marketing is critical for conducting a successful event. Tracking the number of attendees against the number of invitations you’ve sent out is a practical measuring tool for evaluating your marketing of special events or sponsored events at your conference.


  • Planning follow-ups: The best event follow-up strategies are data-driven. Tracking event attendance lets you determine who to survey for feedback.


  • Certification and credit tracking: When your audience attends your event as a requirement, your organization is responsible for attendance verification and reporting. An automated process lets you verify who attended your events and provide the necessary documentation — our solution can even automate certification emails! Certificates will be available in real-time to eliminate error often incurred during the manual process of certification creation and validation. 


  • Vendor value: Sharing data with vendors on booth traffic and product interest is a powerful driver for vendor satisfaction and adds value to your events for these parties.

How Can You Use Attendance Tracking for Your Event?

Our platform has powerful features for many different events. Some examples of attendance tracking at work include:


Tracking sales team activities at a national sales meeting

Assign personal schedules for vendor education and conference sessions to confirm your team gets the session time they need. Track sales person attendance with real-time reporting provided to sales managers via determined teams and their activity feeds.

Automating CEU certificates at a virtual medical conference

Automatically record virtual session attendance and automate CEU certification based on the length of time participating in the session or completed evaluations.

Recording attendance year-round for an event series or regional event

Track attendance across multiple events with a central console for event organizers and attendees to view earned credits and certificates.


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When you implement our attendance tracking platform and other event solutions, you’ll have the most comprehensive event management tools at your disposal. Our solutions are configurable to the specific needs of your unique event. In addition, we back our products with unparalleled customer service and top-notch support.

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